Tuesday, 12 January, 2021

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General Notes
Annual General Meeting
A final reminder to those members who wish to “attend” The Annual General Meeting of the Joint Club which is to be held this Thursday, 14 January, 2021, via Zoom at 19.30hrs.
Members wishing to attend the Zoom Webinar must register their intention, in advance, by clicking on the following link below.
You will, in return, receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the webinar AGM.
You must use this link on Thursday evening, 14 January, to gain access and attend the meeting.
You should also receive a confirmation email on the date you register. If you do not receive confirmation email please contact us.

This webinar has proved to be successful for both the Ladies and Gent’s AGM.
The few glitches encountered have been sorted and the Club are very happy that the meeting will proceed without any mishap.
The organisers do not anticipate any difficulty with members logging on.
With almost 200 registered to attend, the system is geared to handle as many as 500 callers.
If you find it difficult to register, please double check you have used the correct link and re-try.

Please note the final date for registration for the Joint Club AGM is Tuesday, 12 January at 17.00hrs.

Ballot sheets for Committee have been emailed to members.
Completed forms should be returned by Wednesday,13th, if possible.
There are nine nominations for seven positions.
Completed sheets can be e-mailed back to the Club, posted or dropped into the Club. Most members seem to be choosing the e-mail option.
Hard copies of the Ballot sheets are also available in the Club if required. If the office is closed there is a Red folder containing Ballot Sheets attached to the front door and completed forms may be pushed under the door at the Gents Locker room.
Whichever option you choose, please put your name or Golf Ireland number on the sheet or on an envelope as only those members who log into the meeting on Thursday night will have their votes counted.
If there are two members in a household, once one member logs in on the night it will be taken that both have logged in, this is to facilitate households who may be working off the same computer.

Golf Ireland, Inter Club Competitions
Golf Ireland are making arrangements for the operation of the 2021 Inter Club Competitions.
Below is a copy of the recent e-mail received in relation to same.

• Handicap eligibility criteria confirmed
• Entries accepted until Friday 29th January 2021
• Review will follow 2021 season

Entries are now open for the 2021 Inter-Club competitions, with Golf Ireland also confirming key handicapping information that will apply this year following the introduction of the World Handicapping System.

Clubs will have until Friday, 29 January, to enter the competitions, with entries being taken online from club representatives.

The handicap criteria for the inter-club competitions has been arrived at following a detailed comparative analysis of data both before and after the introduction of the World Handicapping System.

However, given the fundamental nature of the change in the handicapping system, it is not possible to ensure all players who would have been eligible for certain competitions under the old system will continue to be eligible under the new one. Likewise, some players will find themselves eligible for competitions for which they would not have previously qualified.

Furthermore, there is a high likelihood that at this time next year the same analysis may produce very different data. Therefore, Golf Ireland will review the handicapping criteria outlined here at the end of the 2021 season and will communicate any changes that may be necessary for 2022 at that time.

To access the online entry form for the 2021 Golf Ireland Inter-Club Competitions, click here:

To view handicapping information for the 2021 Golf Ireland Inter-Club Competitions, see the attached.

To see the original information pack on the 2021 Golf Ireland Inter-Club Competitions (issued in November 2020), see

Barry Joyce continues with his excellent take-away meals this coming week-end.
Meals will be available for guests on Saturday (16.30-19.30hrs) and Sunday (13.00-17.30hrs.)
Hungry Diners should contact Barry on 086 820 5260 to place their order and arrange a collection time.

Pro Shop Corner
Below a letter from Club Professional, Jimmy Bolger.

Hello all,
Happy New Year from all in the Pro shop!

Just reaching out, to keep you updated, on how the Governments restrictions have impacted golf and the shop.
Unfortunately, our call and collect service is no longer available due to the new restrictions. However, if you are looking to place an order for the coming golfing season or wish to discuss any other golfing matters that we, in the Pro shop, can help with, do not hesitate to contact me (details below).
Looking forward to seeing you all back out on the golf course soon!

Phone: 0876810585

With the ever increasing number of Covid 19 cases in Kilkenny, we would request all members to take extra care and stay safe.