Tuesday 30rd March, 2021

(Leinster’s Hidden Gem 2019)
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General Notes

Mark Power Walker Cup Selection
Congratulations to Mark Power on his selection on the Great Britian & Ireland Walker Cup Team to take on the Usa in Seminole Florida on May 8th & 9th. Mark joins John Murphy from Kinsale in the 10 man team announced today. The remainder of the ten are made up of seven English and one Scot.

Course News – Golf Ireland / Return to Golf
The course is in pristine condition awaiting the green light for the return of golf.
Government announced today that April 26th will be the resumption date, which although disappointing that it will not resume earlier it at least gives a definitive date.
Golf resumed in Northern Ireland on April 1st and is also back in England, Scotland and Wales at this stage.

Karl Morris Mind Factor
Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Karl Morris workshop last Tuesday night and got some benefit from it. Karl sent on a Youtube link to everyone who participated, the link will be live for 7 days so make sure you view it to recap before he removes it.

Members Subscriptions.
Thanks to all those who have paid to date and for your understanding, patience and forbearance in these times.

Intermediate and Juvenile/Junior Membership
Thanks to all in the above categories groups who responded to last weeks communication by contacting the office to settle their membership fees for 2021. The membership committee will now start to assess how many vacancies they have in these categories and allocate slots to those on the Membership waiting lists. We ask those who are on the waiting list to be please be patient while the membership Committee perform this task.

Aon Insurance
The Aon personal insurance scheme is due for renewal from April 1st and already 220 members have signed up for this year. Anyone else who wishes to join the scheme please contact the office on 056 7765400. The fee for the scheme is €27 and gives fairly comprehensive cover in case of accidents or lost / damaged clubs.

The AED Defibulator is now located outside the premises at the entrance to the Gents locker room and accordingly will now be available when the premises is closed. It had previously been located in the entrance foyer. The unit housing the Defibulator can be opened by rotating it anti clockwise.

US Masters Draw
We normally have a sweep on the US Masters but for the second year running we are unable to do our normal one this year.
We will do a draw next Wednesday April 7th before commencement of play on Thursday.
There will be 90 players approx. in the field and we will allocate a player to the first members to respond up to the number of players in the field. Respond by email to with your name and stating Masters Entry.
We will publish the list after the draw and before commencement of play on Thursday.

We will award four prizes , 1st Prize Dozen Pro Vs, 2nd Prize Two sleeves of Pro V’s (6 Balls) and 3rd Prize One Sleeve of Pro V’s (3 Balls), 4th Prize One Sleeve of Pro V’s (3 Balls) to those that finish 1st.2nd 3rd and 4th on Sunday night.
Entry is free, just email your entry to

Barry Joyce continues his take away catering this coming weekend.
Meals will be available for guests on Saturday (16.30-19.30hrs) and Sunday (13.00-17.30hrs.)
Barry can be contacted on 086 820 5260 when you can place your order and arrange a collection time.

Members of the Seniors Golf Society can use their Christmas Gift vouchers as payment/ part payment for any meals they order.

Rules Revision
Some simple rules reminders for when we return to golf on April 26th.
See how many of them you can get right without referring to the Rules Book.
We will list the answers in next weeks notes.

1. If you double tap the ball when playing a chip shot or coming out of a bunker have you made one or two strokes.
2. If your ball falls off your tee marker on the tee box as you take a practice swing are you allowed to tee the ball back up and are you playing your first or second shot when you eventually tee off.
3. If you tee off forward of the golf markers on the tee box what is the procedure and do you incur a penalty.
4. Your tee shot heads for trouble after you drive off, you are not sure if it is lost or not, you pick another ball from your bag and tee off without saying anything, which ball is in play.
5. Can you take free relief from a plugged ball in a bunker.
6. Can you touch the intended line of your putt on the green with your putter or with your finger.
7. You find your play unplayable in a ditch how many options have you and what are they.
8. Can you declare your ball unplayable anywhere on the course and proceed under the rule of “Ball unplayable”
9. You ball is lying badly in the bunker, can you take relief outside the bunker.
10. You are nearer the hole than your opponent, can you play out of turn if he is not ready to play his shot.
11. Your putt your ball on the green, it hits the pin and rebounds back 2 inches, can you take it that the ball was holed out.
12. Your ball lies against the pin but does not drop into the hole, a quarter of the ball is below the lip of the hole, is this ball holed out.
13. While playing a hole, you change ball to a different ball on the green as you want to putt with a softer ball, is this allowed.
14. Your ball and your opponents’ ball both lie off the green, your ball is on his intended line and he asks you to mark it, you mark the ball and lift it, are you allowed to clean your ball before you replace it to take your shot.
15. You accidently move your ball when taking a practice putt on the green, what is the procedure and is there a penalty.
16. How much time can you spend searching for your ball before it becomes a lost ball.
17. If you start your round with less than 14 clubs in your bag, are you allowed to add a club during your round.
18. The term water hazard is no longer used in golf what is the new terminology used to describe a water hazard.
19. Your ball lies just off the green and there is a loose impediment on your line, can you remove that loose impediment.
20. In moving a movable obstruction you accidently move your ball, can you replace your ball and if so is there a penalty involved.