Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

(Leinster’s Hidden Gem 2019)
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General Notes
Six more Sleeps……
Just like Children at Christmas, the excitement among the golfing fraternity of Ireland is growing by the minute, with just six more sleeps before the big tee off at 08.00 hrs. on Monday morning next the 26 April.
Kilkenny Golf Club, in an effort to satisfy the huge demand for golf, will be operating two courses. A 13 hole course (1-13) and a 9 hole course (14-17 & 14-18).
All casual golf must be pre-booked via Club V1, with only two households allowed per time slot. If you haven’t yet downloaded the Club V1 app you may continue to book via the BRS system.

• It is essential to maintain social distancing by maintaining a two metre distance from your playing partners on every Tee, Green and Fairway.
• Any member who has been out of the country should not visit the club for at least 14 days after returning.
• Buggies are allowed however sharing buggies is not allowed. Strictly 1 player and 1 set of clubs per Buggy unless they are from the same household.
• The Clubhouse and Locker rooms remain closed. Players may retrieve their clubs form the Locker room on their first day returning to golf and should bring them home with them when finished.
• Care should be taken in the Clubhouse Car Park to maintain social distancing requirements.
• Players should arrive at the club 10 minutes before their tee time and leave immediately after they finish playing.

Timesheet Management
To give every member an equal chance to play, the following guidelines will apply in relation to managing the timesheets. These will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and amended as required.

Members are advised to familiarise themselves over the next few days with the booking arrangements for both the 13 and 9 hole sessions.

The procedure is as follows:-
Click on your Club V1 icon and scroll down to BRS Bookings. Click on same.
Before clicking on a date you must click on the competition icon on the bottom right of your screen. This will display a list of dates for the 13 hole golf and by simply scrolling down the page the Nine hole time sheets become available.
If by any chance you have not downloaded the Club V1 app you may book by opening the BRS app and continue as above.

▪ Players will have the option to play either 13 holes (1 to 13) or 9 holes (14 to 17 and 14 to 18) i.e., move from 17th green to 14th tee and then play to 18. Please extend courtesies to those members who have completed their first four holes.
▪ Players can play once during the week (Tuesday to Friday) and once at the weekend (Saturday to Monday).
▪ If there are vacancies on the timesheet a player can book a 2nd round via BRS AFTER 18.30hrs. the previous evening. A third round cannot be booked either during the week or weekend.
▪ Timesheets for Monday- Friday (26th-30th) will become available this Friday (23rd.) from 18.00hrs. Thereafter –
▪ Timesheets will open at 18.00hrs. on Friday (30th.) for the following week (Tuesday to Friday) and from 18.00hrs on Wednesday (28th.) for the following weekend (Saturday to Monday).
▪ Timesheets for vacancies to book a second round will open at 18.30 each evening for the following day.
▪ Players can book a line. Please ensure that if you are booking another player in with you that they are aware of it, as if a player is booked more than once either in the week or weekend period the second booking will automatically be deleted.
▪ We are seeking 28 volunteer Marshalls to cover 3 hours per week. Marshalls will be entitled to book a time ahead of the timesheet going live.

The timesheets for the 13 holes will be set out as follows:
08.00 – 11.00 hrs. in two balls at every eight minute intervals.
to accommodate one or two households
11.10 – 13.00 hrs. in three balls at nine minute intervals.
This will accommodate a couple and an individual from one other household or a family of three.
13.10 – 15.00 hrs. in four balls at 10-minute intervals.
This will accommodate two couples from two different households or a family of four from the same household or three from same household plus one other.
15.09 – 19.30 hrs. at nine minute intervals.
These lines will accommodate either two or three players from a maximum of two households.

The timesheet for the nine holes will be set out as follows at nine minute intervals, all day, to accommodate either two or three players from a maximum of two households.
Please note that you will see times blocked off during the day which is to facilitate players after playing 4 holes (14 to 17) turning back to 14 to play the last five holes (14 to 18).

Please note that the time sheets will be checked at 18.00hrs. each evening.
Names will be removed from the timesheet under the following circumstances:
• If a player is down twice in the same period (week or weekend) their name will be removed automatically from the later booking.
• If a player puts their name on a line where there are already players from two different households, they will also be automatically removed.
The system will automatically send a player an email confirming their booking immediately they are booked and an email confirming any cancellation.

Any member who has not paid the annual subscription in full or has not signed up for Premium Credit will not be able to access the BRS to book a time. Once the subscription has been paid their BRS will be re-set.

Interclub Competitions.
Kilkenny had been selected to host the Leinster West Women’s Inter Club Area Finals in late August.
This decision has now been reversed and the finals will be held on a home and away basis instead.

Despite golfers being allowed to walk the fairways there is no opportunity for Barry Joyce to re-open his catering facilities.
He will, nonetheless, continue with his take away catering at the weekends.
Meals will be available for guests on Saturday (16.30-19.30hrs) and Sunday (13.00-17.30hrs.)
Barry can be contacted on 086 820 5260 when you can place your order and arrange a collection time.
Members of the Seniors Golf Society can use their Christmas Gift vouchers as payment/ part payment for any meals they order.