Tuesday, 09 June, 2020


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General Notes

Phase 2

Phase 2 commenced on Monday last and as expected the travel restrictions were eased back to 20 Km.

Disappointingly, after consultation between the Government and the GUI, it was confirmed that there would be no competitive golf during Phase 2 and any plans for the resumption of

Club competitions will not take place until July at the earliest.

KGC will continue to operate Fourballs, at 14 minute intervals, with the time sheet reflecting this.

Bookings for all golf will be via the BRS system, with timesheets available on Friday and Wednesday at 17.30hrs.



Members are advised to read the new protocols as laid down in Phase 2 by the Government and Kilkenny GC.

These Protocols are prepared with the intention of members being able to continue to play in a safe and controlled environment and in full compliance with Government & Health Authorities guidelines.

These procedures will be under constant review and depend on all members adhering to and respecting them and subject to evolving recommendations from the authorities.




Members are reminded, once again, that they may only book one round of golf from Tuesday to Friday by logging on to the BRS system on Friday evenings at 17.30hrs and one round at the  Week-end golf on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday which becomes available on the BRS each Wednesday evening at 17.30hrs. If there are slots free after 6pm for the following day members may book a second round in either of the Tues to Fri and Sat to Mon blocks.

If one of the four members on a line is not, for one reason or another, able to play, his name must be removed immediately to allow those on the waiting list to get a game.

You are not allowed to leave the unavailable players name on the list and offer it to a colleague.

Only named members will be allowed to play.

The pace of play must be adhered to. There have been many occasions where some three-balls have fallen behind badly.

The recommended time for four balls is 3hrs.45 mins max.


Course News

Members are reminded, that during this period of no divot mix sand bags, to replace their divots every time, including those from their practice swing.

Pitch marks should be repaired immediately. Members are requested also to use tees when playing irons off any of the tee boxes. This will help to preserve the tee boxes during this dry spell.



Golfers are reminded that during this period of the Covid 19 it is not an offence to smooth the bunkers with your club or foot after you have played your shot from same.

It was quiet obvious on Sunday morning that some members don’t care how they leave the bunkers after them.

Please consider your fellow golfers and use your foot or club head to smooth the sand as you exit the bunker.


Quiz. – Relax, you can breath again.

As I sat on the bench at the 14th tee, I made the decision to call it a day.

The appeal of the car park and home was over-powering and so, apologising to my playing partners, I headed for the sanctuary of home, via the Pro shop to book an appointment !!!!!!!

Reflecting on my efforts, an outward nine of 72 shots with a further 37 for four holes, I knew I had made the right decision. Even that score, for 18, would have been disastrous.

Thanks to those of you who participated and also to the many, many members who, whilst not taking part, followed the quiz each week and debated same with family members and colleagues and questioning the rulings.


As one member suggested –

I think the conclusion to the 13 holes of the quiz is, the majority of people don’t know the rules, we probably know the basic ones, but not the crazy ones that have come up in the past weeks.

Time too do another rules night in the Club when the social distancing is over.


There were no correct entries for the two holes,12 & 13.

The music aspect had five correct answers but unfortunately the scoring for hole 12 let them down


Quiz answers for w/e 02 June.

Hole 12

1 Tee shot

1  Shot goes near trees at corner

1 Penalty shot. Can’t identify ball so it’s taken as the provisional ball and you can play either ball.

1 Shot along ditch. Ball is Out of Bounds, so it can’t be played and so have to go back.

1 Penalty shot for ball OB.

1 Shot into bunker

1 Shot out of bunker

2 Putts

Total 9

Song called American Pie

Bad news was the death of Buddy Holly


Hole 13

1 Tee shot

2 Penalty shots. There is no “line of sight” relief from fencing so plays from a wrong place.

1 Shot, which goes onto 6th green.

2 Penalty shots. Entitled to free relief, but must take full relief.

1 Shot which scuttles onto green.

No penalty for moving marker or for hitting ball with practice swing.

1 Putt

2 Penalty shots for leaving a ball, which offers assistance. Rule 15. 3a


Total 10

Pro Shop Corner.

Welcome Back, Jimmy & Eoin.

In accordance with the Government’s roadmap for reopening, the Pro Shop has opened its doors and is, once again, ready for business.


Dear Member,

I would like to assure you that all the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of staff and members.

I look forward to seeing you all again and If I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to call in.

Kindest regards,

Jimmy Bolger


Ladies Club Notes

Club Matchplay Competitions

In anticipation of the resumption of competitive golf during Phase 3, it is great to inform you ladies that the entry lists for the various Singles Matchplay Competitions have been posted on the Ladies Notice Board. Draws will be made in early July and matches will be played during the months of July, August and September.

All going well, it is anticipated that the Club Finals will be held in early October.

The competition groups are as follows:-

Toastal Cup – H/cap 1-18

Nore Cup – H/cap 19-28

Nancy Todd – H/cap 29-36

Plate H/cap – 37 plus

The entry fee can be paid when playing the first match.

No doubt there will be a high level of interest in entering the various categories after all the practice put in by the ladies during the social golf period.


Round Robin Competition

Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus, the Round Robin Competition had to be suspended in March.

However, the good news is that this competition will recommence in July and must be completed by the end of August. So ladies, all who previously entered the Round Robin, are now given the opportunity to play the remaining matches and satisfactorily conclude the competition.

All details relating of the Round Robin are posted on the Ladies Notice Board.


All ILGU Inter-club matches have been cancelled for 2020.


Junior/Juvenile Club

Witticisms & Excuses for the week ahead.



Golf does strange things to other people too. It makes liars out of honest men, cheats out of altruists, cowards out of brave men and fools out of everybody.

Milton Gross, American writer.



If there’s one thing golf demands above all else, it’s honest

Jack Nicklaus, American professional golfer.



If there is any larceny in a man, golf will bring it out

Paul Gallico, American writer & journalist.



….the way you are on the golf course is usually the way you are in life.

Tammie Green, American professional golfer.



There are certain things you don’t believe in. The Easter Bunny. Campaign promises. The Abominable Snowman. A husband with lipstick on his collar. And a guy who tells you he shot 59 on his own ball. Out of town of course.

Jim Murray, American columnist



Golf has given me an understanding of the futility of human effort.

Abba Eban, Israeli statesman.



You have plenty of time. Make a game out of practice. You may be a Seasoned Citizen, but you know your still a child at heart.

Harvey Pennick, American golf instructor.



What other people may find in poetry or art museum, I find in the flight of a good drive – the white ball sailing up into the sky, growing smaller and smaller, then, suddenly reaching it’s apex, curving, falling and finally dropping to the turf to roll some more, just the way I planned it.

Arnold Palmer, American professional golfer.