Tuesday, 05 May, 2020

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General Notes
The green flag has been raised…….
Yes, a return to golf has been signaled, with Monday, 18 May set as the start date for casual golf.
But, golfers be warned. There will be very strict protocols to be adhered too.
At this moment we are waiting for the GUI to issue the guidelines for the resumption of social golf. Our own subcommittee will then need to adapt these conditions as they feel will best apply to Kilkenny G.C.
That advice will emphasise the absolute necessity of golf clubs adhering to the terms of the protocol for safe play.
In the initial three week stage, play will be for members only and competitions will not be permitted, resulting in the cancellation of Kilkenny Open Week which was scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 19 May .
Current suggestions are that a five Km. radius apply for members, substantial time intervals in tee times, similar to those previously in operation, bookings must be made on-line, members cannot book successive days thus allowing maximum membership use,

Quiz Questions for w/e 05 May.
Continuing with the Quiz that continues to baffle, this weeks questions for hole five & six are set out below.
We have to revert back to a €25 voucher for the Pro shop as there was one lucky (or very knowledgeable) winner of last week’s quiz.

Quiz Questions for w/e 05 May.
5th Hole
I can usually drive this green so I lined up and hit my ball a terrific belt – as JD was wont to say “you could hang your washing out on that”. However it finished on the top of the hill left of the green, with a difficult shot remaining over that dreadful bunker. Naturally I thinned the shot and it buried itself in the bunker. I decided to take back on the line relief outside the bunker and dropped my ball about 6 yards behind the bunker. I skinned my next shot also but it hit the out of bounds wall behind the green and deflected back into the hole.

6th Hole
Another bad tee shot flies off to the left and into the furze. I announce that I will play a provisional ball. I discover, that the ball I have played is not the ball I used on the 5th hole, because my provisional ball has a distinguishing mark. I hit a brilliant shot with that ball and it goes into the hole -my first hole in one !! My marker goes to look for my original ball, but I pick my provisional ball from the hole, just before he shouts that he had found mine. I refuse to play that ball and he declares that I am now disqualified!! So am I DQ’d or have I a score and if so what score is it?

What is my score for:-
Hole 5.  Hole 6.

Answers for quiz w/e 28 April.

3rd Hole
We rushed to the tee to play before the players began to cross over from the 13th. In our haste hadn’t we played from the Green tee, so we had to go back and play from the White tee. Both my shots were down the middle, but when I arrived to them, there were 2 balls with the same number and no distinguishing marks on either – both mine. Which was my ball from the White tee? My marker wouldn’t let me play the shorter ball and so I picked up both, put a mark on 1 ball and went back to the tee and played that ball. When I played my next it flew in the direction of the shed, used by the late and much lamented T.C. He would always be on hand if I ever had to play from there, with kind advice. My ball was lying close to an “out of bounds” post, I moved it prior to playing my shot. I wasn’t sure if this was ok, but my marker said you can move any post, so that was ok. I managed to hit that onto the green. I marked my ball and cleaned it and when it was my turn to putt,, I picked my ball from my pocket and replaced it and putted close to the hole and tapped in. When I picked my ball from the hole, I noticed that it wasn’t the ball with the mark, but I knew that was ok , because I had played from the correct place.

Answer for Hole 3:- 13

4th Hole
Not my favourite tee shot. I took a huge lash at the ball and it skewed off the toe of the club, hit one of the green markers and came back almost to where it had been, still between the white markers. I teed the ball higher this time and it went to the right where Larry Langton’s grove had been, now I suppose it should be renamed Billy Burke’s wood. This area was marked GUR, so I found the correct relief area and placed my ball there. My next shot went high in the air and landed short of the green. When I reached my ball it was embedded, so I marked it, picked it up, cleaned it and dropped it correctly, but unfortunately it hit my foot after hitting the ground, which I reported to my marker and we both agreed it was a penalty – was it a shot penalty or the general penalty? I thought it was a shot and we agreed that. My pitch shot was perfect and hit the flagstick. It seemed that the ball was lying against the stick overhanging the hole. I knew that the longer I took to get to the ball, the better chance there would be of it falling in, so I brought my caddy car around the bunker on the right, parked it there, took out my putter and walked to the hole. I was counting to ten, but the ball dropped into the hole before I got to nine.

Answer for Hole 4:- 6

With only two entrants getting the correct answer for hole three and six with the right answer for hole four, our winner of the €35 voucher for the Pro shop this week is Sean Boland who was the only one correct for both holes.
Well done Sean.

Witticisms & Excuses for the week ahead

The course of true golf never did run smooth.
Kenny Youngman. American Comedian.

Show me a man who is a good loser and I’ll show you a man who is playing with his boss.

The uglier a mans legs are, the better he plays golf.
It’s almost law.

H.G. Wells. English writer.

The biggest liar in the world is the golfer who claims that he plays the game merely for exercise
Tommy Bolt. American Professional Golfer.

I play with friends, but we don’t play friendly games.
Ben Hogan, American Professional Golfer.

… all night I dreamed of millions of mean, sliced up old balls resembling my mother-in-law. The next day I broke ninety for the first time in my life.
Dick Brooks, American Cartoonist.

Give me a millionaire with a bad backswing and I can have a very pleasant afternoon.
George Law. American Professional Golfer.

If you drop the pass in football, or miss the shot in basketball, or strike out in baseball everybody knows it. If you hit a bad shot in golf, you can always claim you know a shortcut to the green.
At least that’s my story.
Bob Hope. American Comedian.