Tuesday, 03 November, 2020

(Leinster’s Hidden Gem 2019)
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General Notes
World Handicap System
No doubt by now the majority of you have tried to check out what the effect of the new World Handicap System has had on you existing handicap and if, like me, you were disturbed to see you were cut a couple of shorts – don’t panic .
Playing off a handicap of 21.1, I was aghast when I logged in too discover I was 19.2.
Upon reflection, this was, in fact, my Handicap Index which when applied to the course table for the day gave me a playing handicap, from the white tees, of 22 and 21 from the green tees.
Course Rating reflects the playing difficulty under normal conditions for the scratch player.
The slope rating represents the difference in playing difficulty for all players compared to the scratch player.
Following a review by the GUI, Kilkenny’s sloping is being checked again and a final decision has not been confirmed.
This means that our Handicap Committee has not been able to carry out a final review of all our members yet. It is hoped that difficulties will be resolved shortly and we will confirm to the members when this becomes available.
Going forward each Golf Club you play in will have Handicap tables prominently displayed for their club for all Tee Markers and players will be able to check this table to see what playing handicap is allocated to their Handicap Index.
Remember it is important to realize when you log into Golf Ireland you are seeing your Handicap Index and not your playing handicap. In general, the Handicap index seems to be lower than the actual Playing Handicap for most players for playing in Kilkenny but this may not always be the case or when playing in other clubs.
Just in case you are not confused enough under the new WHS system players will only have 95% of their playing handicap in singles competitions, this adjustment will only affect players of 11 handicap or higher as 95% of Handicap 10 under does not change the figure.
There are some good videos explaining the system on Howdidido if you copy and paste this link in your browser. Also if you log into you will also access some good information.

Message from Club Professional, Jimmy Bolger.
We hope everybody is doing well during these difficult times.
It is unfortunate that our course and club has been forced to shut due to level 5 restrictions.
I am emailing you just to give a quick update on the Proshop and what we can do for you, even during lockdown.
Whilst the physical shop may be closed, we are still open and available for a call and collect service, club repair or grip renewal.
As Christmas comes closer, you can contact us to purchase any gifts, from clubs to golf wear to vouchers.
You can contact us by email or by phone:
Phone 087 6810585

Also make sure to follow us on facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on all things Kilkenny Proshop.

In these very difficult times, I would encourage all members to plan for that special Christmas gift and to shop early and support our Club Professional.

During the lock down, any queries or bookings members may have, can still be resolved by contacting Sean, using the office number 056 776 5400

Barry Joyce would like to thank all those members who are supporting his take-away meal service each week-end.
He will continue with the Saturday (note extended hours) and Sunday takeaway and will be available on Saturday from 17.00 to 20.00hrs and from 13.00 to 17.30hrs. on Sunday.
Members, wishing to avail of this service, are requested to phone Barry on 086 820 5260.
Barry will confirm the menu available and confirm a collection time for your order.

Please remember – stay safe.