Tuesday, 30 June, 2020

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General Notes
The Casual bookings for next Saturday to Monday will go live for booking at 17.30 tomorrow Wednesday. After that all golf reservations, to include weekly competitions and casual golf will revert to being made at the usual time of 17.30hrs. on Friday evening and they will all be uploaded on the BRS.
All casual golf MUST continue to be pre-booked. No member has permission to arrive unannounced and expect to play.
This is Government & Gui guidelines in order to maintain contact tracing if necessary.

The first of the main Club competitions, for Men, will take place this coming weekend.
On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 04, 05, 06 July, the Gent’s Fourball qualifier will be held.
This competition, v Par, will see the top 32 pairings enter the draw for the match play stages. Players will have their handicaps adjusted to 9/10’s of their GUI handicap.
Playing is allowed in bunkers as your ball may end up in an unraked portion of the bunker, mark the position of the ball in the bunker with a tee and place at nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
Entry fee is €6 per person with an additional €2 if you wish to enter the Two’s Club.
Players are encouraged to have the exact amount in cash or to use their Debit/Credit card.

Marking the Card:
1. Players to enter their own scores on their own score card.
2. Record score of your opposites down side of own card.
3. Both to verify the scores are correct at the end.
4. Sign own card and verify the marker’s name in writing.
5. Place card in Competition box in the Locker Room.

HowDidIDo & Club V1
If members have not already registered for we request that they do so and then download the Club V1 app on their smartphone.
The Club V1 app now has the facility for signing in for competitions and returning scores and we will be endeavouring to use this facility where possible going forward.
This facility will also enable members to top their competition purse online which is now also live on our Club V1 system and this facility would automatically take their entrance fee when they sign in for a competition thus dispensing with the need for handling cash.
We will have more comprehensive details on these functions in the coming weeks but it would start the ball rolling if members register on howdidido and then download the Club V1 app on their smartphones.

Any queries on the above please give Sean a call.

Phase 3 Covid 19
The locker rooms have reopened but, the Gents & Ladies showers will remain closed for the moment.

Catering Corner
The Restaurant, run by Barry Joyce, reopened yesterday, Monday, 29th and will operate daily from 12noon to 19.00hrs..
All meals must be pre booked by phoning Barry on 086 8205260 or informing him before you commence your round of golf.
The preferred method of payment is by card and not cash.
Alcohol may be served with a meal but alcohol cannot be served unless a person is having a substantial meal.
The Bar will be open to serve Teas & Coffees from 12 noon to 19.00hrs also.
All members must obey social distancing rules and comply with any requests made by staff.
The names of all people, using the premises, will be recorded for traceability purposes.

Safety First
As we have a lot of Ladies and Gent’s fourballs playing on the course together in the current climate, we are asking for men, who are teeing off from the 15th tee box, to be extra vigilant.
There has been a couple of near misses on the Ladies 16th tee box.
Please, check to see if there are any Ladies teeing off from the 16th and if so, please wait until they are well clear before driving.
With the warning bell removed from the Gent’s 16th tee, you should, before playing, also make sure there are no Gent’s walking off the tee and heading into the path of possible stray balls.
Obviously vigilance is required everywhere on the course and if you hit a stray shot, even into an area where you believe there is nobody around please, do shout “fore”.

Course News

Senior Gents
Away Outing Gowran
Senior Gent’s golf makes its return with an away outing to Gowran Park, next Monday, 06 July. Golf will be preceded with the customary Tea/Coffee & scones.
There will be a two tee start from 10.30 and will be followed by dinner in the specially provided Seniors room.
A complete list of the protocols has been circulated on all Seniors and participants are required to read same and adhere to all protocols listed.
Entry is only permissible by putting your name on the list which is on the notice board in the corridor leading to the changing rooms.
Cost for the day is €45

Thursday Outings
The weekly Senior Mens outings will make a welcome return from Thursday, 09 July.
Players who wish to participate should place their name on the sheet on the Seniors notice board, which will be posted on Thursday, 02 July. Members can opt for an early start from 10.50 or at the later time of 12.00 noon.

Pro Shop Corner
This weeks winner of the Bonus Ball draw is Eamon Brennan.
Eamon will receive a €230 voucher for the Pro Shop.

Ladies Club Notes
Weekly Competitions.
We are delighted to announce that the Ladies weekly competitions will resume this week-end with an 18 Hole Fourball competition and a Nine Hole Stableford Competition.
Entries can be made through the BRS system. Competitions can be played on Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday.
Please Note that prior to play, competitors must follow the instructions posted on the Ladies notice board: –
1. Place entry fee in brown envelope
2. Clearly write both names on outside of envelope in the case of the Fourball competition and single name in the case of the Nine Hole Stableford Competition.
3. Put envelope in assigned box.
There will be no entry in the book.

Marking the Card:
1. Players to enter their own hole scores on their own score card.
2. Record score of other player down side of own card.
3. Both to verify the scores are correct.
4. Sign own card and verify the marker’s name in writing.
5. Place card in Competition box at Ladies Notice Board area.

Ladies Golf Competitions;
The draw for the following competitions has been extended to Friday, 03 July.
In order to avoid disappointment ladies, please make sure that your name is entered for the relevant competition this week, in particular, the ladies who qualify to play in the Tostal Cup – Category Handicap range 0-18, and the higher handicap group who qualify to play in the Plate competition i.e. Handicap 37plus.

Matches will be played during the months of July, August and September.
All going well, it is anticipated that the Club Finals will be held in early October.
The competition groups are as follows:
Tostal Cup H/cap 1-18
Nore Cup H/cap 19-28
Nancy Todd H/cap 29-36
Plate H/cap 37 plus
The entry fee can be paid when playing the first match.

Round Robin Competition
Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus the Round Robin Competition had to be suspended in March. However, the good news is that this competition can recommence next week and must be completed by the end of August.
So ladies, all who previously entered the Round Robin, are now given the opportunity to play the remaining matches and satisfactorily conclude the competition.
All details relating of the Round Robin are posted on the Ladies Notice Board.

Senior Ladies
The regular Senior Ladies Thursday competitions will return from Thursday, 09 July.
Full details of entry and timesheet will be available during the week.

Junior/Juvenile Club
A reminder to all Junior/Juvenile members that Competitions will re-commence next Monday, 06 July.
Bookings are available on-line through the BRS system.
Protocols will be given to each of the players on the day.
They will continue each Monday for the months of July, with the exception of Monday, 27 July, and the Bank Holiday Monday, 03 August. The final day of competition will be Monday, 24 August.
Entry fee will be €5.

Open Junior/Juvenile Fundraiser
The Junior Golf Team Event is being held on Wednesday, 15 July.
This is an open, four person team event to support our 300 plus young golfers in the Club and to provide them with the best coaching and competition.
The timesheet is now open for bookings and the competition is kindly sponsored by Campion Insurances.
The cost of entry is €15 for members and €20 for visitors.
When entering you may include guest in your team but at least two days before the competition you must ring the office and name all four players that are actually going to play.
On the day one person should pay for the team and provide a contact phone number when paying for the team. There will be 10 minute intervals between teams, in compliance with GUI guidelines.
Public health guidelines should also be strictly adhered to on the day .

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 30 June & 01-03 July
08.10-21.00 Members Casual Golf. Fourball Format @ 10 minute intervals

Saturday, 04 July
07.30-08.50 Members Casual Golf
09.00-13.00 Gents Club Fourball Qualifier
13.10-14.50 Members Casual Golf
15.00-16.30 Gents Club Fourball Qualifier
16.40-21.00 Members Casual Golf

Sunday, 05 July
07.30-15.00 Gents Club Fourball Qualifier
15.10-21.00 Members Casual Golf

Monday, 06 July
07.30-08.55 Members Casual Golf
09.05-12.55 Junior/Juvenile Club Competition
13.05-14.45 Members Casual Golf
15.05-17.35 Gents Club Fourball Qualifier
17.45-20.55 Members Casual Golf

Tuesday, 07 July
08.15-09.45 Ladies Fourball Competition
09.55-10.25 Ladies Nine Hole Competition
10.35-12.15 Members Casual Golf
12.25-13.25 Ladies Fourball Competition
13.35-14.15 Ladies Eight Hole Competition
14.25-16.15 Members Casual Golf
16.25-17.45 Ladies Fourball Competition
17.55-20.55 Members Casual Golf

Wednesday, 08 July
08.15-20.55 Members Casual Golf