Tuesday, 28 APRIL, 2020

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General Notes
Before we start with this weeks quiz, I need to clarify a point of order, which came to my attention when reading the observations of one of the contestants.

Q.4 read:-
In a threesome or foursome competition, penalty strokes do not affect the order of play.                                Ans:- False

The “do not” should have read “do affect” the order of play and subsequently lead to the wrong answer being given.
The good news is that following a total re-check, the three contestants, in contention Dermot Doyle, Tony Joyce and Sean Boland all gave the correct answer and accordingly increased their score to 18 points and so did not affect the standings.
Apologies to all concerned and suffice to say the proof reader has been reprimanded accordingly. (I stood in front of a mirror).

This week’s Quiz continues the disappointing (a lot of you thought it was a disaster) start to my round last week.

Quiz Questions  for w/e 28 April
More good news. As we had no clear winner for last weeks quiz (w/e 21 April), I have increased the value of the voucher for holes three and four to €35 gift voucher in the Pro Shop.

3rd Hole
We rushed to the tee to play before the players began to cross over from the 13th. In our haste hadn’t we played from the Green tee, so we had to go back and play from the White tee. Both my shots were down the middle, but when I arrived to them, there were 2 balls with the same number and no distinguishing marks on either – both mine. Which was my ball from the White tee? My marker wouldn’t let me play the shorter ball and so I picked up both, put a mark on 1 ball and went back to the tee and played that ball. When I played my next it flew in the direction of the shed, used by the late and much lamented T.C. He would always be on hand if I ever had to play from there, with kind advice. My ball was lying close to an “out of bounds” post, I moved it prior to playing my shot. I wasn’t sure if this was ok, but my marker said you can move any post, so that was ok. I managed to hit that onto the green. I marked my ball and cleaned it and when it was my turn to putt,, I picked my ball from my pocket and replaced it  and putted close to the hole and tapped in. When I picked my ball from the hole, I noticed that it wasn’t the ball with the mark, but I knew that was ok , because I had played from the correct place.

4th Hole
Not my favourite tee shot. I took a huge lash at the ball and it skewed off the toe of the club, hit one of the green markers and came back almost to where it had been, still between the white markers. I teed the ball higher this time and it went to the right where Larry Langton’s grove had been, now I suppose it should be renamed Billy Burke’s wood. This area was marked GUR, so I found the correct relief area and placed my ball there. My next shot went high in the air and landed short of the green. When I reached my ball it was embedded, so I marked it, picked it up, cleaned it and dropped it correctly, but unfortunately it hit my foot after hitting the ground, which I reported to my marker and we both agreed it was a penalty – was it a shot penalty or the general penalty? I thought it was a shot and we agreed that. My pitch shot was perfect and hit the flagstick. It seemed that the ball was lying against the stick overhanging the hole. I knew that the longer I took to get to the ball, the better chance there would be of it falling in, so I brought my caddy car around the bunker on the right, parked it there, took out my putter and walked to the hole. I was counting to ten, but the ball dropped into the hole before I got to nine.

What is my score for:-
Hole 3
Hole 4

Last Week Quiz Answers.
1st Hole
I hit a great tee shot from the white markers but, unfortunately, it hits that ugly Balsam Poplar down the left and I see it drop down near the tree.
Before we leave the tee, Sean Boland shouts out that we are three minutes behind our starting time and we promise to catch up and keep up with the group ahead.
When I reach my ball, it lies close to the roots of the tree and I decide I will take free relief from that and I will drop a ball at the nearest point of relief.
Because I’m in doubt I tell my marker and I agree to play the original ball from near the roots, but that I want to count the second ball. I hit a great shot with that ball and reaches the green. When I play the original ball it hops up off the roots and hits my equipment.
I hit the next shot into the bunker. This ball is lying up against the rake and when I move the rake the ball rolls nearer the hole. I play a good shot from there and the ball comes to rest near the hole and I tap it in. The other ball is also on the green, but there is sand and loose soil on my line so I move those. As usual from the front of that green I take three putts.

The answers to last week’s quiz on holes 1 and 2 are as follows
Hole 1:-   Seven shots

Sorry for starting with such a difficult opening hole.  When a player’s ball is lying against tree roots and there is an element of danger in playing the shot, then the player is entitled to free relief.
There is a model Local Rule F- 9.1, which covers this situation, so that the player drops his ball freely away from the roots and manages to put this shot onto the green.

2nd Hole
Needless to say I have lost the honour. My two playing partners hit up towards the first fairway and I realise that the markers are facing in that direction, so I move them to face the correct direction. Despite that I hit my ball in the direction of Kevin Cremin’s wood, way over left and I declare that I will hit a provisional, which, of course, I hit to the bottom of the hill. I find my first ball, amazingly, just before the three minutes are up and my next shot hits the trees short left of the green. I tell my marker to pick up my provisional and go up to play my third shot. When I am about to play I realise it’s NOT my ball. I go over to the fairway and with the agreement of my marker, drop a ball where he had picked up the provisional. I hit that onto the back of the green I reckon. When I go up, my ball is just off the back of the green and with the hole at the front I have a difficult shot, which I decide to chip. I hit it a bit thin and it waves at the hole and ends up 20 yards down the hill. I go down there to play my next shot and decide to declare it unplayable and drop the ball as near as possible to where the ball lay over the green. This time I use my head and change the club to a putter and cosy it down to inches and tap it in.

Hole 2:-   11 shots

There was no winner for the combined score for holes one and two.
Three entrants had the correct score for hole one Michael Grant, Rob O’Shea & Sean Boland with nobody getting the right answer for hole two. One of the three above was close for the second hole with a 10.

Social Committee
A Penny for your thoughts….a Prize for your story.!
The Social committee, requested you, to submit, in 71 words or less, what is your favourite hole on the course and why, or what is your least favourite hole and why, or just a memorable anecdote.

Playing beautiful “Par wording”, our winner, Dermot Doyle will receive a €25 voucher for the Pro Shop on its reopening.
Here is Dermot’s verse:-

Majestic tree left, cunningly concealed bunker right, the elusive
cambered fairway awaits, momentarily vacant.
Trees and a large bunker frame the huge undulating green where, every pin placement is fiendish.
It is beautiful.
But that beauty does not matter. Nothing matters.
As the buzzer heightens my excitement, I realise the true beauty of my favourite hole lies in my sole thought –
“Today I am going to shoot my best score – EVER”.

Thank you Dermot.

Quotes for the week ahead
Your worst putt will be as close as your best chip
Arnold Palmed, American Professional Golfer

Golf is not a game of good shots, it’s a game of bad shots.
Ben Hogan, American Professional Golfer.

The only shots you can be dead sure of are those you’ve had already.
Alexander Revell, American Manufacturer.

After taking the stance, it is too late to worry. The Only thing to do then is hit the ball.
Bobby Jones, American Professional Golfer.

One lesson you’d better learn if you want to be in politics is that you never go out on a golf course and beat the President.
Lyndon B. Johnson, thirty sixth President of the USA.

It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.
Mark Twain, Writer & Humorist.

If you break 100, watch your golf. If you break 80, watch your business.
Joey Adams, American writer & comedian.

If your drink don’t drive. Don’t even putt.
Dean Martin, American Vocalist.