Tuesday, 26 May, 2020


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General Notes

The following is the latest directive, received last evening, from Alan Kelly, Communications Manager with the GUI.


Note: This relates to golf clubs in the Republic of Ireland only.


Cocooning & Golf:

Mr. Simon Harris TD, Minister for Health, has confirmed that over 70’s can play golf provided that they observe overarching public health guidelines. Thus, people who are cocooning are not prohibited from playing golf. For information on cocooning, please see:


Travel Restriction:

May we remind you that our sport will continue to be in the spotlight during the easing of restrictions in the early Phases of the Government’s Roadmap and we would urge you to continue to remind your members of the ongoing need to fully comply with public health advice and measures, including the overarching travel restriction (currently 5km), which applies to the whole population, including golfers.


Given the benefits of our game to health and wellbeing, provided that we can maintain high levels of compliance, our golf courses will provide a much-needed outlet to members, and in later Phases to visitors, as restrictions are gradually eased.



Members are once again reminded to re-read the protocols as laid down by the Government and Kilkenny GC.

These Protocols are prepared with the intention of members being able to play in a safe and controlled environment and in full compliance with Government & Health Authorities guidelines.

These procedures will be under constant review and depend on all members adhering to and respecting them and subject to evolving recommendations from the authorities.


Course News

Members are reminded, that during this period of no divot mix sand bags, to replace their divots every time, including those from their practice swing.

Pitch marks should be repaired immediately.



Members are reminded, once again, that they may only book one round of golf from Tuesday to Friday by logging on to the BRS system on Friday evenings at 17.30hrs.

Week-end golf on Saturday, Sunday and Monday becomes available on the BRS each Wednesday evening at 17.30hrs.

If one of the three members on a line is not, for one reason or another, able to play, his name must be removed immediately to allow those on the waiting list to get a game.

You are not allowed to leave the unavailable players name on the list and offer it to a colleague.

Only named members will be allowed to play.


Quiz questions for w/e 26 May

As I sit on the bench of the 10th tee, I regret my decision to continue my round of golf after the 8th hole.

The 13th hole beckons and I only hope that before I walk of the course I will play at least one good hole of golf that will encourage me try, try again on another day.


10th Hole

Mick, my playing partner, had the honour and while he was playing, I moved the clubs in his bag and established he was using his 3 iron. Always handy to know these things and I didn’t think I could ask him. I hit a screamer with my 3 wood, over the green. When I reached my ball it was unplayable under the trees, so I pick it up and drop it within 2 club lengths , but rolls back towards the tree, so I pick it up and drop it again and this time I am able to play a shot, which makes the green. I mark the ball with the toe of the putter and replace it on the spot. I mis hit my putt and I know it’s going to be short and without thinking I knocked the ball in while it was still in motion.


11th Hole

A long time ago this was the first hole and I reflect on how difficult it must have been in those far off days, especially because the tee was down in the hollow before the present tee was built, but at least it was a par 5 then.

To interrupt my daydreaming it starts to rain and so I wrap a towel around the grip of the driver, before I hit my drive, which disappears into the trees on the right, another area with plenty of exposed roots. (don’t mention what happened on the 1st).

In my efforts to extricate the ball from the trees, when I hit my ball, it hits some roots and glances off my shoulder and bounces out of bounds! I manage to retrieve my ball through the fence and I drop a different ball from where I played previously.

This time I manage to get it out on the fairway. However when I approach my ball a dog runs over and picks it into his mouth and started off with it. Fortunately the dog’s owner appeared and my ball was recovered. My ball had teeth marks on it and was visibly out  of shape and had become unfit for play. Mick agreed and I substituted the ball. I wasn’t certain where my previous shot had come to rest, so I dropped a new ball as near as possible to where the ball had lain, not nearer the hole.

I pulled my 4 iron approach into the left rough near the green. Everywhere around the area seemed dry, but where my ball lay was in a deep divot, partially full of water. I picked up my ball and established the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole, which avoided interference by the condition. The nearest point of relief was still in the rough but having measured one club length from this point, this took in part of the fairway and the rough and I dropped the ball and luckily I now had an easier shot from the fairway. The easier shot was almost holed, leaving me with a tap in, which I did one handed.


What is my score for:-

Hole 10:-

Hole 11:-



Quiz Question for w/e 19  May.

Hole nine was more difficult than you thought with only two participants getting the correct score.

Out again with the big drum an the names of Michael Grant and Grainne Parker put into same. After tossing the names Balls around Grainne’s name was pulled out.

Congratulations Grainne and you will receive a Pro Shop Voucher for €35.

Next weeks voucher will revert to €25.


Explanation of Scores

Hole 9

1 Bad tee shot

No penalty for hitting caddy car

1 Shot penalty for cleaning ball

1 Shot into trees on right

Ball found in tree, didn’t replace ball and dropped ball as in declaring it unplayable so

1 Shot penalty

1 Chip out onto fairway

1 Shot penalty for lifting his ball, his playing partner did not ask him to do so.

1 Shot towards green in bunker.

No penalty for moving leaves

1 Bunker shot

2 putts.

No penalty for restoring flagstick in position it was in or for holding flagstick while putting.


Total 10


Course News

Members are reminded, that during this period of no divot mix sand bags, to replace their divots every time, including those from their practice swing.


Witticisms & Excuses for the week ahead.


The pat on the back, the arm around the shoulder, the praise for what was done right and the sympathetic nod for what wasn’t are as much a part of golf as life itself.

Gerald Ford, 38 President of the United States



The friends you make on the golf course are the friends you make for life.

Jessica Anderson Valentine, Scottish golfer.



The most advanced medical brains in the universe have yet to discover a way for a man to relax himself, and looking at a golf ball is not the cure,

Milton Groiss, American writer.



The average golfer doesn’t play golf. He attacks it.

Jack Burke, American Professional Golfer



Every golfer has a little monster in him. It’s just that type of sport.

Frank “Fuzzy” Zoeller, American Professional Golfer.



Golf is not ,on the hole , a game for realists. By it’s exactitudes of measurement it invites the attention of perfectionists.

Heywood Hale Broun, American writer and broadcaster



Golfers are generally at home with philosophy because the very nature almost compels it.

W. Timothy Gallwey, American sportswriter.




A golf course is the epitom e of all that is purely transitory in the universe, a space not to dwell in, but to get over as quickly as possible.

Jean Giraudoux, French writer.