Tuesday, 21 April, 2020

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General Notes
Yes, we had a better response to last week’s quiz with 13 participants. Thank you all very much.
This week we have a slight change to our quiz, which is set out below and hopefully we will get a lot more participants.
All we want to know is what is my score at each hole?

1st Hole
I hit a great tee shot from the white markers but, unfortunately, it hits that ugly Balsam Poplar down the left and I see it drop down near the tree.
Before we leave the tee, Sean Boland shouts out that we are three minutes behind our starting time and we promise to catch up and keep up with the group ahead.
When I reach my ball, it lies close to the roots of the tree and I decide I will take free relief from that and I will drop a ball at the nearest point of relief.
Because I’m in doubt I tell my marker and I agree to play the original ball from near the roots, but that I want to count the second ball. I hit a great shot with that ball and reaches the green. When I play the original ball it hops up off the roots and hits my equipment.
I hit the next shot into the bunker. This ball is lying up against the rake and when I move the rake the ball rolls nearer the hole. I play a good shot from there and the ball comes to rest near the hole and I tap it in. The other ball is also on the green, but there is sand and loose soil on my line so I move those. As usual from the front of that green I take three putts.

2nd Hole
Needless to say I have lost the honour. My two playing partners hit up towards the first fairway and I realise that the markers are facing in that direction, so I move them to face the correct direction. Despite that I hit my ball in the direction of Kevin Cremin’s wood, way over left and I declare that I will hit a provisional, which, of course, I hit to the bottom of the hill. I find my first ball, amazingly, just before the three minutes are up and my next shot hits the trees short left of the green. I tell my marker to pick up my provisional and go up to play my third shot. When I am about to play I realise it’s NOT my ball. I go over to the fairway and with the agreement of my marker, drop a ball where he had picked up the provisional. I hit that onto the back of the green I reckon. When I go up, my ball is just off the back of the green and with the hole at the front I have a difficult shot, which I decide to chip. I hit it a bit thin and it waves at the hole and ends up 20 yards down the hill. I go down there to play my next shot and decide to declare it unplayable and drop the ball as near as possible to where the ball lay over the green. This time I use my head and change the club to a putter and cosy it down to inches and tap it in.

What is my score for each hole?
Hole 1
Hole 2

Last weeks quiz ended in a three way tie with Dermot Doyle, Sean Boland and Tony Joyce scoring 17 points each.
The draw was carried out by my nine month grandson, Ben, video footage of which is available for anyone who cares to challenge the result.
Well done to Tony, who will receive a Pro shop voucher for €25.

Results of Quiz
1.A burrowing animal is an animal that makes a hole for habitation or shelter. True

2. The line of putt does not extend beyond the hole. True

3.The time spent playing a wrong ball is not counted in the three minute period allowed for search.True

4.In a threesome or foursome competition penalty strokes do not affect the order   of play. False

5.If the player checks his downswing voluntarily before his club head reaches the ball he is deemed not to have made a stroke. True

6.Through the green is the whole area of the course except all penalty areas                   and bunkers on the course. False.

7.The penalty for agreeing to exclude the operation of any Rule is two penalty strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play. False

8.The Committee may not prohibit practice on or near the putting green of the hole last played. False

9.In stroke play, when starting play of the hole, a stroke played from outside   the teeing ground and any subsequent strokes played by the competitor from outside the teeing ground do not count in his score.   True

10.A players must give his opponent, marker or fellow-competitor the opportunity to observe the lifting of the ball when it has been lifted for identification.          False

11.The player may not touch an obstruction at address or during a backswing for a stroke when his ball is in a hazard. False

12.A player must not allow his partner’s caddie to position himself on or close to  an extension of the line of play behind the ball. True

13.The player may wrap a towel or handkerchief around the grip of the club to assist him in gripping. True

14.A player may brush aside or mop up temporary water on the line of putt.        False

15.In match play, a player incurs no penalty for accidentally moving an opponents ball at rest while searching for it. True

16.A dropped ball is re-dropped, without penalty, if it touches the player  his partner either of their caddies or their equipment before or after it struct the ground.   True

17.In match play, if a player makes a stroke with a ball that has been dropped or placed in a wrong place, he incurs a one stroke penalty. False

18.Through the green, the player is entitled to relief from an immovable obstruction when he has intervention on his direction of play. False

19.A Committee may make a Local Rule denying a player relief from interference with his stance by an abnormal ground condition.   True

20.Water hazard stakes may not be moved even if they are physically movable. False

Social Committee
We are still looking for your short stories………..

A Penny for your thoughts….a Prize for your story.!
The Social committee, in these golf-less days, are looking for you….
Yes – that’s you, to submit, in 71 words or less, what is your favourite hole on the course and why, or what is your least favourite hole and why, or just a memorable anecdote.
Seventy one is par for the course and this message has to be exactly 71 words.!
Please email your entries to by 18.00 hrs. on Monday, 27 April.
Prize for winner of €25 voucher for Pro Shop.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pro Shop Corner.
Message from Club Professional Jimmy Bolger to members.
These are new uncertain times that we are in and it’s not easy being confined indoors, especially when the days are longer and the weather is improving.
The Pro Shop is looking to help any way we can.
If you have time why not send me a What’s App video of your Golf Swing and I would be happy to give you some advice. This, of course, will be free of charge.
Please ensure your video is, either face on or down the line and let me know where your bad shot is going, i.e. left or right.

My mobile is 087 6810585.

Hope to see you all soon back on the Golf Course and wish you all the very best.

Stay home & stay safe.

Quotes for the week ahead

Golf matches are not won on the fairways or greens. They are won on the tee – the first tee.                 Bobby Riggs, American Professional Tennis Player

Why waste good shots in practice when you might need them in a match.
Walter Hagen, American Professional Golfer

It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many years to realise it. Bobby Jones, American Professional Golfer

You and the ball are one in the system of golf. It’s an extension of you, just as the club is an extension of your arm. Help it take a long ride. Help it set down gently. Help it find the hole. Feel the hole welcoming the ball. Lawrence Morehouse & Leonard Gross, American Writers

Winning is the only thing that matters
Jack Nicklaus, American Professional Golfer

A golf ball simply cannot find the hole by itself. Even if it could, the ball would never do so willingly, after the hatred and hammering you’ve heaped on it to get it to the green.
Dick Brooks, American Cartoonist

The man who can putt is a match for anyone

Willie Park Jnr., American Professional Golfer

If a ball comes to rest in dangerous proximity a hippopotamus or crocodile, another ball may be dropped at a safe distance, no nearer the hole, without penalty.
Local Rule, Nyanja Club, British East Africa, 1950