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General Notes

Welcome back…………

The long awaited return to golf happen yesterday with 150 members enjoying the fine weather and the beautifully manicure course.

The grounds staff are to be congratulate on the superb work carried out during the enforced closure.

Members are reminded to read the Protocals, as set out by the GUI and adopted by Kilkenny Golf Club.



These Protocols are prepared with the intention of members being able to play in a safe and controlled environment and in full compliance with Government & Health Authorities guidelines.

These procedures will be under constant review and depend on all members adhering to and respecting them and subject to evolving recommendations from the authorities.


Only three balls are allowed during this first phase of return to noncompetitive golf.

Bookings must be made via the BRS system, between the hours of 08.15 and 20.15.

Reservations will be at 14 minutes intervals.

Members must travel independently or may do so with another member of their household.

Reservations for golf, from Tuesday to Friday only, will become available from 17.30hrs this coming Friday, 22 May.

Bookings for Saturday, Sunday & Monday golf become available via the BRS system from 17.30 hrs on Wednesday (20th) evening.

Members are only allowed to book ONE round of golf during the Tuesday to Friday time frame.

All golf must commence from the first hole.

Only named golfers can play at the allotted time.

In the event of you not being able to play, you must remove your name from the timesheet.

You may not nominate another person to play.

Players may avail of a second round by checking the time sheet for the following day at 18.00hrs. and if there is an empty slot they may avail of it.

Players should only arrive at the club 10 minutes prior to their appointed time.

The locker rooms will be closed and golfers should change in their cars.

If you have not already collected your clubs players must seek help from the Pro Shop or office.

All equipment, clothes and footwear must be taken home after the round of golf.

There will be no bar or catering facilities available.

The Toilets will be accessible.

If you do not have the internet you may phone the office to make a booking.

Please note as directed by the Gui/Ilgu under 18s are not permitted to play unless accompanied by an adult member.

Under 18s are not permitted to play together until Phase 3 commencing June 29th.


For a more comprehensive list of protocols please refer to the recent e-mail issued by the Special Covid-19 Committee.


Weekend Timesheets. (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Where possible we would request those members who are not working to please use the Monday slot for their weekend game and leave Saturday & Sunday available for those who are working.


Practice Ground

Members should not be offended if approached on the practice ground by a Course Marshall or fellow member requesting their name.

We have some new members who may not be known to fellow members.

It is important that the practice ground is kept available for our members and is not being used by non members who have no right to be there.

Those members using the practice ground are only allowed to do so for one hour only, thus allowing others to avail of the facility.


Quiz Questions for w/e 19  May.

As there was no outright winner for holes 7 & 8 the prize fund for Hole 9 will be a €35 voucher for the Pro Shop.

Nobody got the seventh hole (9) correct and only two participants got the eight (8) right.


9th Hole

A very topsy turvey round of golf and after walking off the eight green I’m tempted to turn left and head for the sanctuary of the Clubhouse but, that is even denied me in these difficult days, I continue play and face the daunting par 5, ninth hole.

I hit a bad tee shot over towards the 8th fairway, shout “Fore” and see my ball strike the caddy car of one of the players in the group behind.

I reflect that this has been a typical driving round for me – the last fairway I hit was the 3rd. Thankfully, nobody has been hurt and when I reach my ball I fear that it might be damaged, so I mark it, lift it, it’s not damaged, so I clean it and replace it.

My next shot hits the trees on the right of the fairway and after searching for it for 2 minutes, I see it up a tree. After shaking the tree my ball falls down. I know there is no penalty for moving a ball during a search, so I pick my ball up and drop it within two club lengths of where it hit the ground. I play the ball out onto the fairway. My ball is lying a few feet in front of my playing partner’s ball and because I think that my ball might interfere with his shot, I mark, pick up and replace when he has played.

I hit my next shot towards the green, but when I reached there it was in the left bunker. I move some of the leaves near the ball and hit the ball onto the green. However I have left myself with a long putt. When I look at the line I notice that the flagstick is leaning away from me, so I leave it so. My marker sees it and centres it in the hole and I am not happy, because I thought the original position was advantageous to me and so I request him to replace it in its original position leaning away from me. I putt up close and tap the ball into the hole one handed while holding the flagstick with my other hand.


What is my score for:-

Hole 9.


Explanation of Scores.

Below I detail the calculation of scores for holes 5, 6, 7, 8.

Next week I will reveal hole 9.

Check your scores below.


Hole 5

1 Tee shot

1 Thinned shot into bunker

2 Penalty shots getting out of bunker

1 Skinned shot into hole.

Total 5


Hole 6

1 Tee shot into furze.

1 + 1 Provisional ball into hole

Hole over once Provisional ball lifted out of hole

Total 3


Hole 7

1 Tee shot

2 Shot penalty. The fence is an out of bounds indicator and there is no free relief from such, it is not an obstruction in this case.

1 shot ends up short of green

1 Shot penalty causing ball to move

1 Chip onto green

1 Shot penalty rotating ball without marking ball

2 putts

Total 9


Hole 8

1 Tee shot

1 Shot penalty causing ball to move. No penalty for getting assistance to move branch.

1 Shot hits tree

1 Shot penalty, unplayable ball. No penalty for changing ball in these circumstances.

1 Shot, which ends up in bunker beside green. No penalty for bringing 2 clubs into bunker.

1 Bad shot from bunker

1 Another bunker shot. No penalty for smoothing sand, because ball was not in bunker then.

1 Putt.

Total 8



Course News

Please, comply with Social distancing especially on tee boxes and greens.

Placing has ceased, play the ball as it lies, bunkers are in play but no rakes, please smooth bunker with your feet or club.


Divot bags cannot be used so it is imperative you replace your divots.


Hand sanitisers are in place at entrances to clubhouse, first tee and wash bay.

Members should also bring their own mini sanitiser bottle with them in their golf bag.


Pro Shop Corner

Hope you are all keeping well and are enjoying the resumption of golf.

Unfortunately as the pro shop is a non essential retail outlet and abiding by the government road map the pro shop will remain closed until Monday, 08 June.


In the meantime we are available for lessons and also offering a call and collect service for any essential items from the pro shop that you may require.

I can be contacted on 087 6810585. and Eoin O’Connor is available on 087 2982590


Kind regards

Jimmy Bolger


Junior/Juvenile Club

During phase one and two Junior/Juvenile golfers are not permitted to play golf together.

If they wish to play during this time frame they must be accompanied by an adult.

It will not be permitted until Phase 3, which commences on Monday, 29 June, for under 18’s to play together.


Witticisms & Excuses for the week ahead


Old golfers never die, they just putter away.




I’ve had a good day when I don’t fall out of the cart…..

Buddy Hackett, American Comedian.



The smaller the ball used in the sport, the better the book.

George Plimpton, American writer and editor.



….. the reason the Pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing.

Phyllis Diller, American comedian and author.



Golf is not just exercise, it is an adventure, a romance….. a Shakespeare play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined (and) you have to live with the consequences of each action.

Harold Segall, American writer and educator.



In other games you get another chance. In baseball you get three cracks at it. In tennis you only lose one point. But in golf the loss of one shot has been responsible for the loss of heart.

Thomas D. Armour, Scottish born American professional golfer.



….humiliations are the essence of the game.

Alistair Cooke, English journalist and broadcasters.



Golf has humbled, humiliated and just about licked all the great athletes I ever knew that tried it.

Early “Red” Blair, American Football Coach.