Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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General Notes
Clubhouse Refurbishment
In front of a large gathering last Friday evening, Captains, Mark Grant and Eithne Murphy, welcomed members to the launch of the newly refurbished Bar and Catering facilities at the Clubhouse.
Members were delighted with the new arrangements and all felt that the project was a complete success.
The area has been transformed into a warm, inviting and friendly place, with oodles of atmosphere.
Kilkenny Golf Club is now a place to enjoy a casual drink with fellow members, family and friends.
Full catering facilities are also available and the venue will prove to be the ideal venue for the family Sunday Lunch.
Please comments below from Helene Broderick the Interior Decorator who was engaged for the project.
“We were first employed by the club almost a year ago to look at the refurbishment of the bar and main lobby. It had been sometime since both had been redecorated and they were both looking tired and worn!

Our brief by the committee was to create a warm welcoming space that would accommodate various functions and the everyday use of a club.

Our initial thoughts were to create a timeless classic but contemporary space that could be enjoyed by all ages. We looked at the spatial analysis and decided it would be better to create more intimate areas and create a cosier atmosphere. This was achieved by using booth seating with areas screened off and the fitting of an electric fire. Our colour palette was chosen to enhance this warm inviting feeling – terracottas and greens in the bar and golds in the lobby. The plaid carpet was custom made for the club and works beautifully with the olive green walls and terracotta banquette seating. The atmosphere is enhanced by the layering of lighting throughout the bar and lobby. In the lobby we wanted to create a very welcoming space that would set the tone of the club. We fitted wall panels with inset wallpaper detail that provides an air of elegance and the warm gold colour on the walls provides warmth and light in the lobby.

It was an extremely enjoyable project and we were honoured to work with the committee and the club in creating a beautiful new space for all to enjoy!”

Diary Dates

Saturday, 30 November. – Joint Captains Dinner
Captain’s Mark Grant and Eithne Murphy will co-host their Joint Captains Dinner to be held in the Clubhouse on Saturday, 30 November at 7.30pm
The list for those members wishing to attend is located on the Mens’ notice board at the bottom of the stairs. Please place your names on the sheet or phone the office to do so.

Thursday, 21 November. – Annual Memorial Service
The Annual memorial Service for recently deceased Members and former Members will take place in the Clubhouse on Thursday 21st November at 20.00hrs.
The service will remember Jim Cody, Veronica Colclough, Frank Dalton, Pat Kelleher, Phil Lenehan, Audrey Marnell, Pat Moore, Tommy O’Connell and Mary O Connor. R.I.P
If you know of any former member that we may have missed please let the office know.

Wednesday, 11 December. – Ladies Club AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Ladies Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Wednesday evening 11th December. Further details listed in Ladies Section.

Thursday, 12 December. Gent’s Club AGM
The Annual General Meeting of The Men’s Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Thursday, 12th December at 19.30hrs.
Nominations for Committee and Motions must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least ten/seven days prior to the scheduled meeting.
Committee nominations will close Monday, 02 December.
Motions must be submitted by Thursday, 05 December.

Bar Cup
Our researcher, Donie Butler, has at last had a small bit of good news concerning the Bar Cup.
He has just come across an article published in the Kilkenny People on 31 October, 1953 under the title of ‘Golf’………
The Bar Cup was presented to Kilkenny Golf Club by the Leinster Bar Association in 1910 and was listed as the Club’s oldest cup at that time.
Incidentally the winner, in 1953, was a P. Devaney (possibly a Tipp man!!!) and he beat H L Latta in the final.
Thanks to everyone for their support in identifying a number of winners of the Bar Cup. We do know definitively that the Cup was presented in 1996 and returned for the 1997 presentation.
Our research to date has identified a number of years where the Bar Cup was definitively not available for presentation. Michael O’Reilly as Competition Secretary placed a notice in the Kilkenny People Golf Notes appealing for the return of the Bar Cup in 2006.
However, alas, it has not been returned to date. This is a prestigious cup presented by the Bar Association and represents a huge chunk of the trophy heritage of Kilkenny Golf Club. Perhaps its in a box, an attic, a garage, someone borrowed it or was left somewhere that the winner is unaware of. The original recipient may be ill or of the mistaken opinion that the Cup had been returned.
We have a list of dates where the winners are now known and perhaps you can identify some of the winners of the unknown years. No conclusions should be drawn as a consequence of the list supplied. Of course we do not know in what year the Cup was first presented by the Bar Association so any help here would also be most welcome. All information should be forwarded to Donie Butler. or 087-3156359. Many thanks.

Course News
It was disturbing to see the number of unrepaired pitch marks on a number of greens on Sunday Morning.
Members must be very careful and look for and repair their own and any other pitch mark they see.

Saturday Gents Crosscard
Check-in time for this Saturdays Crosscard is up to 12.45 for a shotgun start at 13.00
Club Caterer Bray Joyce has a special Crosscard Menu available for all those hungry golfers.

Ropes & Stanchions
If your ball comes rest near the ropes or stanchions and your swing is impeded, relief may be taken by dropping away from the ropes not nearer the hole. If your subsequent shot hits the ropes or stanchion you cannot replay your shot as it is considered as “a rub of the green” and you must proceed with your next stroke.

Sat./Sun./Mon., 09/10/11 November. 14 Hole, Scotch Foursomes
1. Eddie Power (Scr) & Liam Barrett (12) 32pts. (B7)
2. Alan Brett (12) & Christopher Hickey (16) 32pts
3. Rob O’Shea (10) & Tom Sloyan (9) 32pts

Two’s Club
Eddie Power, Liam Barrett, Jim White, Anthony White, Rob Kearney, P J Martin, Sean Kelly, Stephen Collier, John Larkin, Cormac Hickey, Pat Butler Snr, Pat Butler Jnr, Dermot Doyle, Aidan Brennan, Reay Brandon and Dick Cogan.
Each ‘Two’ receives €11.75 credit in the Pro Shop.

Saturday, 09 November. Gent’s Crosscard.
1. Eamonn Brennan, P.J. Martin, John McMahon, Paul Hanafin 65 Pts (B6)
2. Dermot Doyle, Paddy Smee, Ben McGarry, Jim Meredith 65 Pts
3. Rob Kearney, Rob O’Shea, Brian Cullen, Tommy Barry 64 Pts
4 Aidan Phelan, Pat Collins, Sean Byrne, Tom Moore 62 Pts
5. Denis Brophy, Alex Dunne, Michael Keane, Ronan Morrissey 61 Pts (B6)

League Table after Round Two:-
1. Eamonn Brennan 29 pt,
2. Ben McGarry 29 pts
3. Rob Kearney 28 pts
Pat Collins 28 pts
5. Dermot Doyle 27 pts
Philip O’Neill 27 pts
7. Tommy Barry 26 pts
8. Jim Meredith 25 pts
9. Brian Cullen 24 pts

Senior Gents
Thursday, 07 November. 14 Hole Stableford Competition – 36 Players took part
1. Liam Cody, Reay Brandon, Joe Ledwidge, Brian Keane 59.
2. Pat Drennan, Geoff Meagher, Tom Keating, Joe Nolan 58 (B4).
3. Noel Skehan, Kevin Donohue, Brendan Graham, Dick Cogan 58 (B9).
4. Billy Burke, Jerry O’Dwyer, Michael Cody, Eamonn Everard 58.
5. Pat Collins, Willie Leahy, Dermot Moloney, Tom Reade 55.
6. Matt Ruth, Tom Dunne, Oliver Duggan, Paddy Hally 53.
7. John McMahon, Phillip O’Neill, Maurice Ryan, Christy Rainey 51.

Seniors Please Note
Next Competition Thursday, 14 November.
Play starts at 10.50. Check in is from 09.45 – Draw closes at 11.15
Thursday, 28 November – Rumble. Entry list for Christmas Party available.

Next Month’s Diary
Last outing of the year will be held on Thursday, 19 December.
The format will be a Scramble and will be followed by our Christmas Party.

Ladies Club Notes
Ladies Club AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Ladies Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Wednesday evening, 11 December.
Nominations for Committee and Motions must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least ten/seven days prior to the scheduled meeting.
Committee nominations will close Sunday, 01 December.
Motions must be submitted by Wednesday, 04 December.
As and from Friday November 15th two of the Ladies tee boxes will be changed for a trial period. The tee box on the 11th will move forward to the Juvenile Tee up the fairway on the right hand side and the 16th tee will move back to the front of the Mens Tee Box. The purpose is the make both the 11th and 16th tee boxes safer for the Ladies. If the trial is a success it will be possibly looked into making it permanent with the 11th reverting back to a Par 4 and the 16th becoming a Par 5.

Tuesday, 05 November. 13 Hole Stableford Christmas Fare.
Winner Class A:- Marian Woods (18) 21pts
Class B:- Martina Naughton (25) 24pts
Class C:- Mary Moynihan (33) 22pts
Class D:- Mary Ruth (38) 21pts
2nd Mary Prendergast (27) 23 pts
3rd Barbara Teehan (21) 22 pts (B6)
4th Jane Duggan (27) 22 pts (B7)
5th Kathleen Hogan (19) 22 Pts (B7)
6th Mary Rice (27) 22pts

Nine Hole Stableford Christmas Fare
1. Stephanie Downes (44) 19pts (B6), 2. Mary Browne (28) 19pts, 3. Josie Bolger (33) 13pts

Senior Ladies
Thursday, 07 November. – 20 Ladies played.
1. Jane Duggan, Breda Comerford, Mary Feighery, Mary Lawlor, 35
2. Ann Widger, Josie Bolger, Hilda Richardson, 34
3. Bridget Norwood, Breda Kavanagh, Margaret Harmer, 34
Our next competition, on Thursday, 14 November will be played over nine holes. Check in is before 09.20hrs for tee off at 09.30.

Social Activities
Monday, 21 October. 12 Table Howell
1. Mary Bradshaw and Joan O’Sullivan
2. Ann Widger and Morgan Doyle
3. Edith Ogilvie and Ann Kelly
4. Rita McMahon and Barbara Teehan
5. Carl Wiiger and Phyl Doyle
Bridge continues each Monday evening at 19.30hrs.

The draw for the Patrick Wall Memorial Trophy (Singles) has been completed and is posted on the gents notice board.
Players are requested to adhere to the dates set for each round. The opening round is to be completed by Saturday, 07 December.

Tuesday, 12 November
07.48-08.36 Members Time , 08.44-09.56 Ladies 13 Holes , 10.04-10.28 Ladies 13 & Nine Hole Draw, 10.36-10.52 Ladies Into Golf
12.20-13.32 Ladies 13 Holes, 13.40-14.20 Ladies 13 & Nine Hole Draw
Wednesday, 13 November
07.48-08.52 Members Time, 09.16-09.48 Visitors, 13.00-14.20 Members Time
Thursday, 14 November
07.48-08.52 Members Time, 09.32-10.44 Senior Ladies, 10.52-13.32 Senior Gent’s, 13.40-14.28 Members Time
Friday, 15 November
07.56-08.52 Members Time, 12.04-12.12 CBS v St. Kierans, 13.00-14.20 Members Time
Saturday, 16 November
07.56-08.44 Members Time, 08.52-09.24 Ladies & Gent’s Competition, 09.32-11.08 Society/Visitors, 11.32-13.24 Gent’s Saturday Crosscard
13.32-13.48 Ladies Saturday Crosscard
Sunday, 17 November
07.56-13.32 Ladies & Gent’s 13 Hole, Singles Competition
Monday, 18 November
07.56-08.52 Members Time, 11.00-12.52 Gent’s 13 Hole Singles, 13.00-14.20 Member Time
Tuesday, 19 November
07.56-08.36 Members Time, 08.44-09.56 Ladies 13 Holes, 10.04-10.28 Ladies 13 & Nine Hole Draw
10.36-10.52 Ladies Into Golf, 12.20-13.32 Ladies 13 Holes, 13.40-14.20 Ladies 13 & Nine Hole Draw
Wednesday, 20 November
08.04-08.52 Members Time, 13.00-14.20 Members Time