Tuesday, 12 May, 2020

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General Notes
Back to Golf…….. Monday, 18 May
Next Monday sees the resumption of golf for all our members.
Golf, not quite as we have known it, but with restrictions in place.
I am listing the main protocols for the resumption of golf.
The Special Covit Sub Committee comprising of Captain Anthony, Lady Captain Bridie, Hon Sec Morgan & Hon Treasurer Annette will issue a more comprehensive set of guidelines later this week.

These Protocols are prepared with the intention of members being able to play in a safe and controlled environment and in full compliance with Government & Health Authorities guidelines.
These procedures will be under constant review and depend on all members adhering to and respecting them and subject to evolving recommendations from the authorities.

• Only three balls are allowed during this first phase of return to noncompetitive golf.
• Bookings must be made via the BRS system, between the hours of 08.15 and 20.15.
• Reservations will be at 14 minutes intervals.
• Members must travel independently or may do so with another member of their household.
• Reservations for golf, from Monday to Friday only, will become available from 17.30hrs this coming Friday, 15 May.
• Details for Saturday & Sunday golf will be notified shortly.
• Members are only allowed to book ONE round of golf during this time frame.
• All golf must commence from the first hole.
• Only named golfers can play at the allotted time.
• In the event of you not being able to play, you must remove your name from the timesheet.
• You may not nominate another person to play.
• Players may avail of a second round by checking the time sheet for the following day at 18.00hrs. and if there is an empty slot they may avail of it.
• Players should only arrive at the club 10 minutes prior to their appointed time.
• The locker rooms will be closed and golfers should change in their cars.
• If you have not already collected your clubs players must seek help from the Pro Shop or office.
• All equipment, clothes and footwear must be taken home after tee round of golf.
• There will be no bar or catering facilities available.
• The Toilets will be accessible.
• If you do not have the internet you may phone the office to make a booking.
• Please note as directed by the Gui / Ilgu under 18’s are not permitted to play unless accompanied by an adult member. Under 18’s are not permitted to play together without an adult until Phase 3 commencing June 29th.
Quiz Questions for w/e 12 May.
After the brief respite of better golf on holes five and six, I approached the seventh tee, determined to maintain the momentum gained from the previous two holes.
Read on…………
7th Hole
My tee shot is a bit down the right and I find it at the corner and it lies beside the fence, which, because it is an obstruction, offers me free relief and I avail of this and drop my ball within 1 club-length of the fence. My next shot finishes just short of the green. I addressed the ball and as I took my club away to start my backswing, the ball moved, but I continued my swing and chipped the ball onto the green. When I was about to putt, I noticed that I couldn’t’ see my distinguishing mark on the ball, so I rotated the ball and holed out in 2 putts.

8th Hole
I hit my drive down the right and heard it hitting the big tree. When I reached my ball there was a very heavy branch close to the ball impeding my next shot. With the help of my 2 playing partners and 3 players playing the 9th we were able to move the branch. The ball moved forward during this, but we were able to see the original position of the ball and I replaced it there. My next shot hits the tree on the right of the fairway (too many trees out here) and it is lodged in the hollow trunk so I have to take an unplayable and I drop another ball from where I played the previous shot. This ball proved luckier for me, because it chases up into the right hand bunker. Because I’m unsure how to play this next shot, I bring 2 clubs into the bunker and lay one of them on the sand. I play a bad shot barely getting the ball onto the grass bank. I picked up the other club and smoothed out my footprints. However my ball then rolled back into the bunker and onto the smoothed area. I decided to change clubs for my next shot and hit it close to the hole and I tapped it into the hole with the back of my putter.

What is my score for:-
Hole 7.
Hole 8.

Answers for quiz w/e 05 May.
5th Hole
I can usually drive this green so I lined up and hit my ball a terrific belt – as JD was wont to say “you could hang your washing out on that”. However it finished on the top of the hill left of the green, with a difficult shot remaining over that dreadful bunker. Naturally I thinned the shot and it buried itself in the bunker. I decided to take back on the line relief outside the bunker and dropped my ball about 6 yards behind the bunker. I skinned my next shot also but it hit the out of bounds wall behind the green and deflected back into the hole.

Answer for Hole 5:- 5

6th Hole
Another bad tee shot flies off to the left and into the furze. I announce that I will play a provisional ball. I discover, that the ball I have played is not the ball I used on the 5th hole, because my provisional ball has a distinguishing mark. I hit a brilliant shot with that ball and it goes into the hole -my first hole in one!! My marker goes to look for my original ball, but I pick my provisional ball from the hole, just before he shouts that he had found mine. I refuse to play that ball and he declares that I am now disqualified!! So am I DQ’d or have I a score and if so what score is it?

Answer for Hole 6:- 3

Winner for w/e 05 May.
Once again it’s out with the big draw drum as four contestant got the correct answer for holes five and six.
Well done to Dermot Doyle, Sean Boland, Philip O’Neill and Grainne Parker for getting the correct scores, with Philip’s name coming out of the drum as winner of the €25 voucher for the Pro Shop.
Well done Philip

Explanation of Scores.
Below I detail the calculation of scores for the first four holes.
I know that in coming to my score on a couple of holes, whilst I got the correct answer, it was not necessarily for the right reasons.
Next week I will reveal all for holes five to eight.
Check your scores below.

Hole 1
2 Penalty shots for being late
1 Tee shot
Free drop from roots
1 Shot onto green
3 Putts

Total 7.
Sorry for starting with such a difficult one and I accept that there will be divisions over my decision to give free relief from roots under Health and particularly Safety guidelines. There is a Royal and Ancient Local Rule for this situation.

Hole 2
2 Penalty shots for moving markers
1 Tee shot
2 Penalty shots for playing a wrong ball
Provisional ball is now the ball in play, but
1 Shot penalty for instructing marker to pick this ball up
1 Shot over back of green
1 Chip shot goes down hill
1 Penalty shot. Declares it unplayable and returns to where previous shot played
2 Putts

Total 11

Hole 3
2 Penalty shots wrong tee
1 Tee shot
Couldn’t’ identify ball so it’s a lost ball
1 Penalty shot and back to the tee
1 Tee shot
1 Shot that goes towards shed
2 Penalty shots for removing O.B. stakes
1 Shot onto green
2 Putts
2 Penalty shots for substituting ball illegally

Total 13

Hole 4
1 Terrible tee shot
No penalty for re-teeing ball because it’s on the teeing ground.
1 shot that goes into the woods
2 Penalty shots for placing ball instead of dropping ball.
1 Shot short of green
No penalty for lifting embedded ball
1 Shot onto green lying against flagstick
No other penalties

Total 6

Course News
As the divot bags have been removed players are reminded to replace their divots.
Please also repair your pitch marks immediately.

Witticisms & Excuses for the week ahead
I deny allegations by Bob Hope that during my last game I hit an eagle, a birdie, an elk and a moose.
Gerald Ford, 38th President of the U.S.

It is true that my predecessor did not object as I do to pictures of one’s golf skill in action. But neither, on the other hand, did he ever bean a Secret Service man.
John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the U.S.

I find it more satisfying to be a bad player at golf. The worse you play, the better you remember the occasional good shot.
Nubar Gulbenkian, Turkish Businessman.

There are a couple of “could’ves”  in every good round.
Allen Geiberger, American professional golfer.

It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf.
H.L. Mencken American editor and satirist.

I don’t say my golf game is bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they’d come up sliced.
Miller Barber, American professional golfer.

I’m hitting the woods great, but I’m having a terrible time hitting out of them.
Harry Toscana, American professional golfer.

If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork like they do a golf club, they’d starve to death.
Sam Snead, American professional golfer.